About AirDigital
and what we do

AirDigital is based in the UK and works with clients all over the world.

AirDigital collaborates with you to provide the skills and expertise you need to achieve success, not only in delivering technology, but in transforming your business to be optimized for a secure mobile transaction world.

We work with you as a team committed to your goals and objectives to deliver the right people, services, and support for success.


AirDigital understands the need to meet your timelines, and manage expectations throughout transformation and change. We work with you to truly understand your customers’, stakeholders and partners needs.

we drive

AirDigital provides services to the following sectors.
• Digital Propositions
• Mobile Commerce
• Social Commerce
• P2P Payments
• International Money Transfer
• Mobile Wallets


Expertise in secure mobile transactions globally AirDigital enable mobility and security for seamless end-to-end transactions in banking, payments, retail and social ecosystems. We help you utilize data securely and with relevance and insight to provide a better service for your customers.

Our Technology

AirDigital has a long established trusted network partnership.

AirDigital draws on its networks of excellence to assist clients. We have commercial relationships with many of the leading technology players globally.

We are able to quickly build secure and scaleable Digital Proposition in the Cloud.

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Exciting assignments, great teams and training.
We are a fast growing company, here you will work with Clients who are creating the future of Digital business. If you want to be part of a bright, professional and energetic team click here to tell us about yourself.